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Like most Love stories, Indricka had its serendipities, co-incidences and last minute rescues.

Once upon a time on a hot humid afternoon, Vijaya connected the dots between the state of cotton farmers and the need to shift to more humane fabrics. Those days she worked with Wearology where she began setting up supply chains for organic cotton for international markets. Visits to the Mumbai Farmers market tugged her planet friendly heart. Deepa Sahi, the actress and film producer would tell Vijaya- You are doing this for the international market- what about us here? We would buy it.

And so was born a desire to create a clothes line built on organic, sustainable and ethical practices. Vijaya quit the big corporate life to follow her heart. Her mother and guru blessed her hopes and gave it a name- Indricka.

Indricka. The name had a ring to it. Lord Indra. The Buddhist state of Bliss.

The graphic designer brought in the lotus logo as the Lotus represents all the values of being connected to the Earth and blossoming from mud. The serendipity continued when the copywriter conceived the Panchtattva Collection using the five elements as the Lotus lives through all the five elements.

Just as the dreams soared, the money needed to fly with it was missing. That's when gallant Rana offered his financial support. And Indricka was born.  The gods were pleased. The creative energies took flight – Vijaya launched ‘textiles with heart’- a range of tees and tunics for the endangered species- the bees, the siberian crane, the forest owl, the elephant with graphic designers.

Organic cotton in knits and voile were fashioned into tees, tuics, dresses… all carrying the house prints inspired by the Lotus.

Modal, the sustainable fabric from Beechwood pulp, made using the Eidelweiss process was turned into soft lustrous tunics lovingly embroidered in the the kashmiri style, hoodies, salwars and palazzos. The distinctive patterns of Indricka and the fine finish gave the young brand a good word of mouth through the flea markets and fairs.

Today the Indricka baby is taking baby steps in the marketplace. The strong ethics behind the brand are holding the team together.

As Nithya Shanti said the other day-

"No mud, no lotus

No stagnation, no accomplishment

No confusion, no clarity"

The Indricka love story had all the hiccups of a start-up.  Love has kept it float. Love will make it soar.


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